The Beaulieu Community

The Chelmsford Learning Partnership recognises that not only is The Beaulieu Park School a new school but it is a new school in a new community. As such, it is important that the new school is an integral part of the new Beaulieu community. As a trust with extensive community links in the North Chelmsford and Beaulieu area already, we believe we are in a unique position with regard to promoting community cohesion. The ethos and vision of our educational provision is all about developing the sense of community and the trust is very proud of its achievements in this area. As an all through school, we also believe The Beaulieu Park School will be ‘the hub’ of the new community. Our experience in working with the community is central to the success of our school. Regardless of the make up of the new community in the Beaulieu development, our inclusive approach and focus on the importance of working with the community as a trust, means that we will be able to cater for all the needs of the community.

We would also expect a number of members of the Local Governing Body to come from the local community to ensure that the new school meets the needs of this new community. The trust was pleased to note in the tender documents that the sporting facilities will be part of a ‘joint use’ agreement out of normal school hours. Like all the schools in the trust (and in those about to join), our facilities are open to the public for use in the evenings, weekends and school holidays. It is important to recognise the outstanding roles that the schools in our trust, and those about to join, already play in their communities. All the schools play an important an active role in working with our communities and the trust firmly believes that schools are there to serve their local communities. That is why we do not believe in academic selection and why our admissions arrangements prioritise those families who live near our schools. The trust already has excellent community links in the area: Chelmsford Rugby Club, Springfield Cricket Club, Chelmsford Scouts, Springfield Football Club, All Saints Church Springfield, MENCAP, Dance 49, All Stars Cheer and The Swim Academy are all local groups who we work with regularly and support and who regularly use our facilities. The trust believes that it is imperative that we work closely with community groups, not just using our premises, but working together on performances and projects as well as supporting local groups.