School Vision/Ethos

We believe that all children, regardless of their ability or background, should have access to an outstanding education. We believe in inspiring curiosity in our students and fostering a lifelong love of learning. This is achieved through a strong curriculum in all phases of the school that focuses on the knowledge and skills that all students require to become successful, a varied and inclusive extra-curricular programme, outstanding teaching and learning and a focus on the individual child. Every member of our community, believes in the following:

  • High quality teaching and learning: That outstanding teaching and learning should take place in every lesson.
  • Exemplary Behaviour: The highest expectations of our students, rewarding hard work and effort. Our students taking pride in being part of our community.
  • High Achievement: That regardless of their ability, students should make excellent progress. Rigorous and detailed tracking systems allow us to ensure that all students can meet our high expectations.
  • Aspiration: That all students should be given the opportunity to follow a pathway that is relevant to them. We expect all our students to aspire for excellent academic achievement, regardless of ability.
  • Personalised Curriculum: Helping our students achieve their future ambitions through a curriculum pathway that suits them.

Our ‘all through’ school will be distinctive from other schools. Students will make outstanding progress through curriculum continuity, not affected by phase breaks, which research has shown can lead students to fall back in their educational progress. Cross-phase teaching will enable teachers to share expertise and resources and maximise the progress of every individual child.  A common ethos through the school will ensure that students understand the expectations of good behaviour and hard work and motivate them to be highly ambitious from a very early age. Older students will act as role models and support the achievement of those in earlier phases, both through academic and extra-curricular links. Most importantly, there will be a sense of community that cannot be replicated in a stand-alone primary or secondary school, driven by strong leadership and encompassing parents and the local community.

We are sure that you will be as excited as we are about opening the doors to the new Beaulieu Park School. A school that will serve the community and providing an outstanding, unrivalled education for all of our children.